Jerry Ghionis – Les Habitudes, LA Photoshoot (Premium)


Jerry Ghionis – Les Habitudes, LA Photoshoot

Jerry Ghionis – Les Habitudes, LA Photoshoot  Free Download Latest . It is of  Jerry Ghionis – Les Habitudes, LA Photoshoot  free download.

Jerry Ghionis – Les Habitudes, LA Photoshoot  Overview

The first, the original, the beginning. A great story behind an amazing photo shoot. The LA Story. Boutique fashion at it’s best captured in a world famous style. Remarkably the lighting for these amazing gowns, stunning model, and unique location was unbelievably simple – this video shows you just what can be achieved with a masters’ understanding of light. The images from this shoot have gone on to feature in Jerry’s own Picpockets, his book Gorgeous and many publications. Come and see where it all began! The Ice Queen section shows how Jerry incorporates a [red] color theme into a shoot and how to deal with harsh overhead sunlight. The Practice section reviews how to use objects you might find on location to create interesting and dramatic images. The Tip for this month is all about the importance of gaining the trust of your potential wedding clients. Your Icing on the Cake this month is a video of Jerry in action on stage during one of his seminar presentations. If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching Jerry live, then this is the next best thing.

⦁ Ice Pick – Les Habitudes, LA
⦁ Advice
⦁ Ice Queen – Christine
⦁ Practice
⦁ Tip of the Iceberg – It’s a matter of trust
⦁ Icing on the Cake – Les Habitudes – Live Review

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