Elena Mikhailova – Backlighting (Premium)


Elena Mikhailova – Backlighting

Elena Mikhailova – Backlighting Free Download Latest . It is of  Elena Mikhailova – Backlighting   free download.

Elena Mikhailova – Backlighting Overview

Learn one of the most beautiful techniques in photography: backlighting!
Have you noticed how eye-catching are photos with backlighting and how often do you want to look at them again? Here is the secret of backlighting!

The plan of the lesson

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Shooting in backlight. The light that creates magic.

1. The work and peculiarities of shooting in the backlight.

* Techniques for solving light problems.

* Choosing a location

* The right model positioning, communication, and interaction.

* What the angle of the background should be

* Choice of reflective surface

* Appropriate time to shoot

* How to shoot a vertical portrait

* Techniques for taking pictures on a very sunny day

* Background when shooting in backlight.

2. Special effects in shooting and additional props.

* Working with a photographic light torch

* Shooting with an LED panel

3. Shooting from a low point with photographic effects.

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