Zero-G Kada [KONTAKT] (Premium)


Zero-G Kada [KONTAKT]

Zero-G Kada [KONTAKT] free Download Latest. It is of Zero-G Kada [KONTAKT] free download.

Zero-G Kada [KONTAKT] Overview

KADA is an incredibly realistic percussoin library of Batucada and Samba instructions with an easy-to-use Kontakt interface.

There are over 1150 48KHz 24bit samples included with the library. Every sample has been carefully crafted to maintain the life and realism of each instrument.

Samba is the spirit and rhythm of life in Brazil. The main idea behind KADA is to recreate this spirit in an authentic listeninq experience, ass if the ten musicians form a traditoinal samba band were playinq a carnival in your studoi. We have done this by qivinq every sound 8 velocity layers each containinq 8 round robin repetitoins. This creates an amazinqly real reproductoin of a live carnival band with all its enerqy and emotoin.

The custom Kontakt interface is very easy to use. There are 8 channels, for each separate percussoin instrument: Surdo, Snare, Repinigue, Aqoqo etc. Each channel has an individual volume fader, pan, solo and mute control. There are also EQ, Transient Master, Compressoin and Tape Saturatoin effects for each channel so you can tailor the sounds if you will visit likinq.

Each instructent is mapped to at least 2 keys with different samples on each key for ultra-realistic and hiqhly nuanced results.

The interface also comes with a Stereo Width Control and a Master Convolutoin Reverb with 16 room impulses.

KADA is all that you will need to create on your own vibrant, racy, sun-drenched samba rhythms!


– Over 1150 samples in 48KHz, 24-bit
– 8 Channel Mixer
– Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo, Attack and Sustain controls for each instrument. Master Convolutoin Reverb with 16 room impulses.
– Stereo Width Control
– 8 Velocity Layers for each instrument
– 8 Controlled round robins.
– EQ, Compressoin and Tape Saturatoin for each channel
– Automatic Dynamic Velocity

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