Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques And Workflows (Premium)


Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques And Workflows

Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques And Workflows  Free Download Latest . It is of  Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques And Workflows  free download.

Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques And Workflows Overview

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Understand Hard Surface Techniques by combining Sculpting and Zmodeler Editing through Zremsher 3 for New Workflows!

What you’ll learn

Zbrush Hard Surface Sculpting Workflows
Understanding the workflow between Digital Sculpting and Zmodeler Editing through Zremesher 3.0
Comprehending the various uses and applications of Zremesher 3.0 as well as its strengths and weakness
A strong emphasis throughout the course on quick keys with narration of walk through
Beveling Techniques on Concave and Convex surfaces.
Sculpting techniques through Live Booleans and how to make customized bevels through them
Additionally we will walk you through the process in how to create customizable booleans, along with being supplied samples free for you to use in any of your projects,
Learning the Difference between Clip curve and Trim Curves as well as their importance in the main theme workflow
A version Zbrush 2019 or Higher
Wacom Tablet and Pen (recommended but not required)
Hello and Welcome to ZBRUSH Hard Surface Techniques and Workflows All Levels- In this course we will take a focus in depth look into Hard Surface Sculpting in a variety of Techniques such as combing digital sculpting and Zmodeler Editing through one of ZBrushes biggest upgraded feature Zremesher 3.0 and building modular component pieces that can be reusable in other projects.- Here I will be doing demonstrations in Zremesher 3.0 to show its strengths and weakness as part of its primary bridge between sculpting and Zmodeler- Throughout this course we will examine ways to combine what we learn in our hard surface sculpting techniques to push our shapes further utilizing gizmos deformers to make one modular piece construction to be reusable to multiple shapes as we progress with our subject piece.- In addition to these new workflows I will also be illustrating how to create customized booleans and demonstrate their versatility across multiple surfaces.- We will be making HEAVY emphasis to in hotkey narration from the most commonly used hotkeys in this course to more advance hotkey techniques such panning curves and selection tools through space bar.By the end of this course you should have a solid foundation to zbrush hard surface sculpting and its features with carving out hard surfaces mesh through extraction function
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 What to Expect
Section 2: Zbrush Basics Review
Lecture 2 Intro and UI Overview
Lecture 3 Common Quick Keys used
Lecture 4 Trim Curves VS Clip Curves And Space Bar Trick
Lecture 5 Importance of Polygrouping
Lecture 6 Selection Tool
Lecture 7 Zremesher 3.0
Lecture 8 Zmodeler breakdown
Lecture 9 Boolean Introduction
Section 3: Sculpting and Cleaning up with Zremesher 3.0 Basics
Lecture 10 Lesson 1 Scene Setup
Lecture 11 Lesson 2 Eyebrowl Blockout
Lecture 12 Lesson 3 Eyebrowl Clean Up and Zremsher Iterations
Lecture 13 Lesson 4 Zmodeler Process Intro
Lecture 14 Lesson 5 Assigning Polygroups through Zmodeler
Lecture 15 Lesson 6 Booleans and Adjusting
Section 4: Block out and Beveling Techniques with Jaw Section
Lecture 16 Lesson 7 Jawline Blockout
Lecture 17 Lesson 8 Beveling Technique 2
Lecture 18 Lesson 9 Finalizing Jaw
Section 5: Creating Eyelids with Zmodeler
Lecture 19 Lesson 10 Eyelid Blockouts
Lecture 20 Lesson 11 Deforming Eyelids
Section 6: Modular Component Construction
Lecture 21 Lesson 12 Modular Component Piece Construction
Section 7: Cheek Bone Construction
Lecture 22 Lesson 13 Cheek Component Contructions
Lecture 23 Lesson 14 Cheek Component Placements
Lecture 24 Lesson 15 Cheek Plate Construction
Lecture 25 Lesson 16 Cleaning up and Finalizing Cheek Plate
Section 8: Carving Eyebrows Ridges
Lecture 26 Lesson 17 Carving EyeBrowls Ridge
Lecture 27 Lesson 18 Secondary Ridge And Bend Curves Deformers
Section 9: Customizable Boolean Construction
Lecture 28 Lesson 19 Customizable Boolean Intro
Lecture 29 Lesson 20 Blocking out through Masking and Space Bar Trick
Lecture 30 Lesson 21 Wires and Curve Brushes
Lecture 31 Lesson 22 Finalizing and Testing Customized Boolean
Section 10: Secondary Face Construction
Lecture 32 Lesson 23 Secondary Detailing Cheek
Lecture 33 Lesson 24 Cleaning Secondary Cheek For Zremesher 3.0
Lecture 34 Lesson 25 Applying First Customizable Boolean
Section 11: Nose Section
Lecture 35 Lesson 26 Nose Ridges with Zremesher 3.0
Lecture 36 Lesson 27 Extender Deformer And zmodeler editing
Lecture 37 Lesson 28 Nose Placement and Clip Curve editing with Symmetry Functions
Lecture 38 Lesson 29 Upper Plate 1 Blockout
Lecture 39 Lesson 30 Upper Ridge part 2
Lecture 40 Lesson 31 Nose Tip and Modifying Alphas Intro
Section 12: Mouth Region
Lecture 41 Lesson 32 Lips Part 1
Lecture 42 Lesson 33 Lip Masking and Geometry Clean Up
Lecture 43 Lesson 34 Lips Part 3
Lecture 44 Lesson 35 Lip Adustments
Lecture 45 Lesson 36 Synthetic Mesh
Lecture 46 Lesson 37 Chin Construction
Lecture 47 Lesson 38 Finishing Lips with Wiring Detail
Lecture 48 Decimation and and Mirroring
Section 13: Upper Head
Lecture 49 Lesson 39 Beginning upper head
Lecture 50 Lesson 40 Carving Out Flat Sculptor for Boolean
Lecture 51 Lesson 42 Customizing Bevel with Booleans through zmodeler
Lecture 52 Lesson 43 Adjust and finalizing customized Beveling
Lecture 53 Lesson 44 Finishing Upper Forhead Section with secondary texture
Lecture 54 Lesson 45 Temple Strip Construction
Lecture 55 Lesson 46 Secondary Frame Housing
Lecture 56 Lesson 47 Deforming Temple before Applying Booleans
Section 14: Ear Section
Lecture 57 Lesson 48 Ear Sculpting with Concave and Convex Booleans
Lecture 58 Lesson 49 Constructing Greeble In Cavity of Ear
Lecture 59 Lesson 50 Connector Construction
Lecture 60 Lesson 51 Panel Loops Break Down and Final Thoughts
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