York Audio MRSH M20 (Premium)


York Audio MRSH M20

York Audio MRSH M20 free Download Latest. It is of York Audio MRSH M20 free download.

York Audio MRSH M20 Overview

The York Audio MRSH M20 is based on a 1976 Marshall 4×12 “Checkerboard” cabinet loaded with UK made Celestion Heritage G12M20 speakers. The 20 watt Greenback has huge low end, woody mids, and crunchy highs. This cab pairs well with classic British amps, but also screams with high gain. With a wide selection of single microphone captures along with top notch pre-made multi-mic mixes, this cab can handle vintage vibe or modern aggression with ease.
Mics included in this Cab Pack:

57 – based on a Shure SM57
58 – based on a Shure SM58
421v – based on a vintage Sennheiser MD421
421m – based on a modern Sennheiser MD421
906 – based on a Sennheiser e906
SM7 – based on a Shure SM7b
58 – based on a Shure SM58
121 – based on a Royer R-121
160 – based on a Beyerdynamic M160
313 – based on a Shure KSM313
414 – based on an AKG C414

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