Vulture Labs – B&W Post Processing Video Tutorial (Premium)


Vulture Labs – B&W Post Processing Video Tutorial

Vulture Labs – B&W Post Processing Video Tutorial  Free Download Latest . It is of  Vulture Labs – B&W Post Processing Video Tutorial    free download.

Vulture Labs – B&W Post Processing Video Tutorial  Overview

Introductionary offer receive all 9 videos for the price of 1! My BW post processing video tutorials explaining and demonstrating a step by step guide for my BW post processing workflow, from RAW files to finished published photo, included with the video tutorials are my BW post processing workflow notes, my finished processsed Photoshop files. Topics covered in the series, BW post processing workflow, mastering BW conversions, BW fine art architecture, BW fine art landscape, BW minimal seascapes, BW skylines and cityscapes, BW fine art street photography. This is being offered to photographers who want to delve deeper into the art of post processing fine art photography and learn my complete BW post processing workflow.

Topics included in the video 1

RAW conversion

Colour Corrections

Expanding Dynamic Range

Colour Channels

Levels and Curves

LAB Colour Processing

My Technique for B&W Conversion

Colour Range Masking

Luminosity Masking


B&W Gradients

Local Contrast

Nik Plugins

Dodging and Burning

Advanced Selections for Dodging and Burning to Create Light and Depth


Output Sharpening

Film Grain

Final Output for Print or Web

Also included my post processing notes and finished Photoshop File

For a limited time only! Purchase my new BW post processing video tutorial today and receive all 8 videos included in the price,

next tutorial “Fine Art Minimal Photography” is now availble and will be included with your download today) this will make a total of 9 videos included in the price.

An extremely comprehensive set of video tutorials for post processing BW fine art photography.

This will cahnge the way you work with BW post processing

Video 1 My Complete BW Post Processing Workflow (Released)

Video 2 Mastering BW Conversions (Released)

Video 3 Post Processing Architectural Fine Art Photography (Released)

Video 4 Post Processing Landscape Photography (Released)

Video 5 Post Processing Seascape Photography (Released)

Video 6 Post Processing Cityscape Fine Art Photography (Released)

Video 7 Post Processing Long Exposure Photohgraphy (Released)

Video 8 Post Processing Fine Art Street Photography (Released)

Video 9 Post Processing Fine Art Minimal (Released)

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Part 1

Part 2

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