Voukoder v8.0 (WIN)


Voukoder v8.
Voukoder v8.  Free Download Latest . It is of  Voukoder v8.  free download.

Voukoder v8. Overview

Use the best encoders available in your favorite NLE.
What is the Voukoder?
Voukoder is system wide video- and audio encoding service for Windows that improves your media encoding experience. It supports various encoders (both CPU and GPU based) and also provides a set of post processing filters. Currently supported are:
• Adobe Premiere
• Adobe Media Encoder
• Adobe After Effects
• VirtualDub2
Voukoder is incredibly fast! If you have a video card with hardware encoding capabilities you could get an encoding speed of 4-8 times faster than realtime (depending on your project).
Download & Install
You will find all required installation packages in the “download” menu at the top.
1. First download and install the main “Voukoder 7.2” application
2. Next download and install the “Connector plugin” for your favorite video editing application
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