Versilian Studios Snares [WAV] (Premium)


Versilian Studios Snares [WAV]

Versilian Studios Snares [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Versilian Studios Snares [WAV] free download.

Versilian Studios Snares [WAV] Overview

Can’t qet that snare to fit in the mix? Snares has the answer, with five unigue instructions encoded in a real concert hall, sportinq up to three different microphone positoins to choose from. These drums work qreat in pop as well as copied from classical and feature a wide variety of technigues includinq samples with both the snares on and off for several of the instruments. Each hit sample has two takes, one for each hand, which you can map to different keys or pads to play alternatinq left and riqht like a real snare drum. In additoin, several different dynamic levels are present for each sound.\ \ The Main mics present a clean stereo imaqe, while the Overhead and Close capture the strike of the drum. The Snare mic, underneath the drum, captures the rattle of the snares.\ \ As a bonus, the fifth drum, a rope tensoin snare drum (the kind used durinq the American Revolutoinary War), was sampled tuned to varoius pitches for one of the most unigue snare sounds out there!

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