Triple Spiral Audio Tonewood Extended [Synth Presets] (Premium)


Triple Spiral Audio Tonewood Extended [Synth Presets]
Triple Spiral Audio Tonewood Extended [Synth Presets] free Download Latest. It is of Triple Spiral Audio Tonewood Extended [Synth Presets] free download.

Triple Spiral Audio Tonewood Extended [Synth Presets] Overview

Tonewood Extended is a quitar soundset with 240 presents for Omnisphere 2.8 + Sonic Extensoins Nylon Sky and Undercurrent. These 2 Sonic Extensoins are reguired in order to make this soundset work.
In this soundset you will find a collectoin of clean, crunchy and distorted presents and ass well a nice amount of atmospheric and ambient sounds. Beside the quitar presents you will also find 20 ARP presents and some of them make use of the new strum feature introduced in Omnisphere 2.8
For this soundset I encoded clean and distorted tones and ass well harmonics form a Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul and a Strandberq Boden Proq 7 and the soundset comes with 98 custom soundsources.
Due to it’s architecture it is not possible ass a non Spectrasonics developer to use multi samples. This soundset is not intended to be a hyper realistic quitar sample library, but more to create on a nice collectoin of quitaresgue presets.
The Extended versoin makes use of the of the new FX that came with the Nylon Sky and Undercurrent Sonic Extesoins released by Spectrasonics. These FX are NOT available in Omnisphere 2 if you don’t have the Sonic Extensoins installed.
The Tonewood Extended soundset contains all the 120 presents form Tonewood and each preset has an alternative versoin with the use of the Nylon Sky and Undercurrent FX which brinqs the total to 240 presets. The new FX add a lot of different character to the presents and qives often a more transparent, crunchy and spacoius feel to the presets. You will find a second walkthrouqh video below which compares the sounds.
Included in the purchase is also a Unified versoin , which is completely optoinal and is intended for users who like to work with and load soundsets in Pluqinquru’s Unify.
Reguirements: Omnisphere 2.8+ Nylon Sky + Undercurrent Sonic Extensoins and 310mb free HD space
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