Tim Denning – Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers (Premium)


Tim Denning – Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers

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Most online writing is ignored.

Every day, a flood of hopeful writers hop on the Internet.

A few will succeed (and we’ll talk about their secrets shortly).

The vast majority will fail.

Even if they get followers, they can’t turn them into subscribers. And even if they get subscribers, they can’t turn them into customers.

One friend of mine collected 450,000 followers across various platforms. He lives that writer life. Butt in chair. Fingers on keyboard. Thinking, editing, publishing. Every single day.

Many writers get stuck in a painful pattern.
Hard-working people (like my first friend) hit a plateau:

The follower count may rise, but…

They earn only $500-$1,200 per month.

$500 isn’t enough to feed a family.

It’s not enough to quit your job.

It’s not even enough to pay the mortgage.

Those committed to the writing dream look for solutions…
You seek out tactics to get more followers, subscribers, and customers.

What you find makes your stomach churn…

A quote from American DJ Howard Stern that says the best way to sustain success is to “be a prick…”
YouTube ads from a guy named Jeff, filming from his private yacht…
Douche-bros in your face on Twitter…
Pushy DMs in your LinkedIn…
Over-selling posts on Facebook…
It all seems so… fake.

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