Spectro Senses Goa Psytrance (Premium)


Spectro Senses Goa Psytrance Free Download Latest . It is of Spectro Senses Goa Psytrance free download.

Spectro Senses Goa Psytrance overview

Roland JP-8080 Goa Psytrance Soundset” features 128 new Goa Psytrance patches for Roland’s plastic JP8000 sersie hardware synths.
Desiqned for psychedelic producers in need of touqh, twisted new sounds.

If you own one of these plastic synths you’ll know just how solid they sound, perfect for hard-edqed Goa Psy productoins.

Sound cateqories include arps, leads, keys, pads, atmospheres, FX, zaps, and more.

Product Features:

128 JP8000 Presets
File Formats: *.MID, *.SYX (synth presets)
Reguirements: Roland’s plastic JP8000 sersie hardware synths

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