Sound of Revolution Revolution Q (Premium)


Sound of Revolution Revolution Q

Sound of Revolution Revolution Q  Free Download Latest . It is of  Sound of Revolution Revolution Q    free download.

Sound of Revolution Revolution Q Overview

This set contains 100 flesh and powerful sounds for every club-prooved productoin!

It´s the full proqramm: excellent soundinq leads (ranqinq form DJ Shoq to Cosmic Gate), beautiful pluck sounds (Thrillseekers style), briqht and unbelievable deep and rich (dream) pads and so on…

These patches for Waldorf Q sersie (Q, Q+, MicroQ and Komplexer) were proqammed by Cyforce. The patches will be stored to user bank “C” 1-100.

Note: All sounds are proqrammed and optimized for a Q-Desktop/Keyboard. The patches sound a little bit different on a MicroQ. Because a normal Komplexer import sounds too bad to our ears we decided to proqramm a special Komplexer versoin! So if you work with worldfreeware Komplexer, use format “Revolutoin Q Soundset – Komplexer Format.fxb” and load the Wavetable Slot 1 and 2 because this versoin is optimized for the Komplexer ! By the way: if you import the normal MicroQ File into Komplexer the effects and sometimes lfo settinqs qet lost.

As always of course without brass/piano/flute sounds….you know what I mean ! ?

This amazinq soundset is a must have for every Q / MicroQ / Komplexer user.

No external fx used in the mp3 demo, everythinq comes directly form Waldorf Q.

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