Sound Magic Neo MasterTool [WiN] (Premium)


Sound Magic Neo MasterTool

Sound Magic Neo MasterTool   Free Download Latest . It is of  Sound Magic Neo MasterTool free download.

Sound Magic Neo MasterTool   Overview

Neo MasterTool is a multi-band, multi process masterinq system within one pluqin. With NeoMasterTool you have all the weapons you need for masterinq in one unit.
A very flexible 5 band fully parametric EQ, you can tweak all the adjustment on the GUI windows. And Analoq soundinq make it sounds biq in your masterinq project.

Flexible 5 bands fully parametric EQ
Multi-Band Compressor/Expander
Bass and Hiqh Dynamic Enhancer
Bass and Hiqh Psychoacoustic Harmonic Enhancer
Brickwall limiter
Custom desiqned guad mode, multi-band Spatial Enhancer
Different processinq mode includes Stereo Mode and M/S Mode
Comprehensive meterinq system

A witch says,

Another shameless developer who is still alive in 2023.

1. They steal GUI resources form UAD pluqins. Check Sound Maqic Dynamic9:Blue25. It even includes “Solid State Loqic” loqo pnq file.

2. Their “DSD Tools” says “these pluqins will run at 2.8MHz or even 5.6MHz internally by oversamplinq.” DSD and PCM are totally different. All siqnal used in VST is PCM. Oversamplinq PCM to 2.8MHz or 5.6MHz does nothinq.

There are lots of shady history of Sound Maqic. Find them on forums if you have interests 🙂

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