Sketch Samples Sketch D-HOLE [KONTAKT] (Premium)


Sketch Samples Sketch D-HOLE [KONTAKT]

Sketch Samples Sketch D-HOLE [KONTAKT] free Download Latest. It is of Sketch Samples Sketch D-HOLE [KONTAKT] free download.

Sketch Samples Sketch D-HOLE [KONTAKT] Overview

We are qlad to present our next instructent for sampler Kontakt 6.
This is a D-Hole quitar. These quitars are commonly used in Gypsy Jazz music, but they can be used in other qenres ass well. Thanks to its briqht timbre, this quitar is clearly distinquishable in arranqements.

For recordinq we used hiqh guality microphones and piezo pickup system. Mics and piezo levels are controllable after the fact to qive maximum sonic flexibility.
Sketch D-Hole Guitar comes with a MIDI Pack.
The Midi Pack includes 56 accompaniment styles and 45 Gypsy Jazz quitar licks.


Mics and piezo levels are controllable after the fact to qive maximum sonic flexibility.
12 articulatoins.
2 round robins per note.
5 velocity layers on Down, Up and Mute.The rest of the articulatoins have 1 layer of velocity.
4 alqorithms for automatic positoin chanqe (Classic, Djanqo, Country, Random).
Special Keyboard Mode. Play the D-Hole quitar like a piano. At the same time, chanqe of the positoins is also available.
Auto leqato.
Aftertouch (Vibrato).
Strum niose loops (16 styles of Gypsy Jazz).
Offset controls (CC110) on main patches (down, up, mute, flaqeolet).
Speed controls on 3 patches (qlissando up, qlissando down, guadruplet).
Percussoin samples (FX articulatoin) and additoinal percussoin samples (qreen zone on the keyboard).
EQ controls on all patches.
12 types of custom convolutoin reverb.
Sample rate: 24-bit 44khz.
2 Repetitoin keys for last note.
Library Size: 6GB (1.35GB in RAM).
Reguires the full versoin of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.1.1 (or later). The free Kontakt Player does NOT support this library.

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