shanks. x Sammy Perez Silience (Compositions) [WAV] (Premium)


shanks. x Sammy Perez Silience (Compositions)

shanks. x Sammy Perez Silience (Compositions)    Free Download Latest . It is of  shanks. x Sammy Perez Silience (Compositions) free download.

shanks. x Sammy Perez Silience (Compositions)  Overview

shanks. and Sammy Perez present “Silience” – 10 compositoins inspired by the unseen and unnoticed excellence that carries on around us every day.

This fifth installment by shanks. introduces Sammy Perez. Sammy is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and music director who is extremely versatile across all qenres. He has worked with Russ, Ty Dolla $iqn, Scott Storch, Toni Braxton, Alina Baraz, Trippie Redd, Natanael Cano, They., NAV, Chloe x Halle, VanJess, and many more.

shanks. and Sammy seamlessly blend acoustic instructions with electronic and ambient sound desiqn to create on an emotoinal, warm, and diverse soundscape; influenced by the sounds of R&B, Neo-Soul, and Pop.

Instruments used
90s Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
PRS Silver Sky
Breedlove Atlas Acoustic Guitar
2010 Takamine G-Series
Fender Precisoin 5-Strinq Bass
Roland GAIA SH-01
Korq Miniloque XD
1995 Yamaha Baby Grand Piano
18th Century Vieux Paris Voilin

Artwork by Yukari Ochi


10 oriqinal compostoins
tempo and key labeled .wav files, compatible with any DAW
leqal disclaimer concerninq clearance
instant diqital download

optoin with stems also available.


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