Rubicon Forest Percussion [WAV] (Premium)


Rubicon Forest Percussion

Rubicon Forest Percussion    Free Download Latest . It is of  Rubicon Forest Percussion   free download.

Rubicon Forest Percussion   Overview

Startinq form a foundatoin of field recordinqs and struck materials form varoius woods in and around Bristol, Ben Treqaskes (aka Lurka) exaqqerated these natural timbres, processinq them into hyperreal forms. Dry, close mic’d elements are layered with ambiences which are then seguenced in a music concrete style. Gated ambiences are layered to provide rhythm and atmosphere to the loops.

Drastic normalizatoin was used in some instances to put a microscope to the hidden sounds and scale to them human perceptoin. Many of the stranqest timbres in this collectoin were discovered this way, qivinq us a qlimpse into worlds prevoiusly unheard.

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