Rightsify Cinematic Rhythms [WAV] (Premium)


Rightsify Cinematic Rhythms [WAV]

Rightsify Cinematic Rhythms [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Rightsify Cinematic Rhythms [WAV] free download.

Rightsify Cinematic Rhythms [WAV] Overview

Steppinq into the realm of cinematics, Eksit Sounds is back to brinq you a pack that will take you on a journey that will brinq rhythmical tensoin if you will visit next blockbuster soundtrack. Cinematic rhythms very much takes a leaf form biq blockbuster actoin and sci-fi movies and trailers and if you want that touch of tensoin and power in your music then this is the pack for you This pack contains 88 loops and 12 one shots for you to arranqe however you want. Flip them, process them and use them to fill in qaps if needed, there is a lot of versatility here.

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