Revealed Fight Club Vol.2 (Premium)


Revealed Fight Club Vol.2

Revealed Fight Club Vol.2    Free Download Latest . It is of  Revealed Fight Club Vol.2   free download.

Revealed Fight Club Vol.2 Overview

Explore the sonic elements inside the Fight Club with 255 samples, 150 MIDI, and 64 heavy hitting presets for Sylenth1. We’ve captured a wide spectrum of sounds; from jabbing kicks, striking ring bells, pounding snares, beating percussion, and smashing gritty bass shots – so you can imagine and create your own Fight Club scene.

Additionally, tear the house down with 64 hard-hitting presets, including a large selection of the best sounding 303 acid sounds for Sylenth1. Each preset is also assigned modwheel controls programmed to give you more control shaping your sound.

Get ready to hive your productions a creative and unique edge. The wait ends here. This is the Revealed Fight Club.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Fight Club Vol. 2 – Details

•Acid 303s [35 samples]
•Bass Riffs (128 BPM) [20 samples]
•Long Bass [85 samples]
•BASS MIDI [150 samples]
•DRUM KIT [90 samples]
•EFFECTS [25 samples]

Revealed Fight Club Vol. 2 – Sylenth1 Soundset Details:
•4 Main Preset Categories:
•BASS (16)
•FX (11)
•LEAD (3)

255 samples, 150 MIDI, 64 presets
•Core synthesizer patch mapping and programming
•All presets assigned intuitive modwheel parameters

Preset format(s): .fxb (Full Bank) + .fxp (Individual Presets)
Approx. 328MB installed / Approx. 304MB Compressed .zip download
Note: Presets Require Full Retail Version of Sylenth1 3.0.32 or later

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