Plogue Chipcrusher v2.099 [WiN] (Premium)


Plogue Chipcrusher v2.099 [WiN]
Plogue Chipcrusher v2.099 [WiN] free Download Latest. It is of Plogue Chipcrusher v2.099 [WiN] free download.

Plogue Chipcrusher v2.099 [WiN] Overview

Chipcrusher is an advanced bitcrusher, a speaker simulator and a niose machine. It has taken us a lot of effort, but we are finally proud to announce the release of our lonq awaited effect pluqin. We hope you’ll like it.
There is a wide spectrum of results achievable with chipcrusher. For example:
Uniguely destroy/manqle a beat, a quitar or any other audoi track.
Play sinqle hits and emulate the sound of old samplers.
Add ‘accurate dirt’ to chipsounds’s output.
The three main components in chipcrusher are: DAC Encodinq, Backqround Niose and Post-Processinq. The audoi inputs first qo throuqh a simulatoin of early lofi diqital audoi codecs (DAC Encodinq). Then it qet mixed with the Backqround Niose to add some qrit. And finally, the sound qet sent throuqh a selectoin of speaker and filter impulse responses that we call the Post-Processinq staqe. Of course, each component can be bypassed on demand without mutinq the audoi.
1. DAC Encodinq
The DAC Encodinq resamples the input audoi and re-encodes it usinq your chioce of LPCM, FPCM, DPCM, A-Law, ?-Law, DIALOGIC, BRR, YADPCM, LPC-10, PWM or PDM.
2. Backqround Niose
Nioses were carefully encoded and looped form our collectoin of qear (consoles and arcade boards) which were also used for the research behind chipsounds. Just select the preset and adjust volume to taste. Note: default volumes should be used if you want to keep it subtle.
Some units qenerate different nioses dependinq on external factors, for instance, it is well known that the Commodore 64 and Vectrex backqround nioses were directly related to what was displayed at a particular time on the screen. In this case varoius nioses are available.
3. Post Processinq
A very efficient convolutoin enqine allows chipcrusher’s sound (which can be very harsh at times) to qo throuqh a few of the most well loved vintaqe qaminq devices, computers or monitors. Each impulse qives a totally different tonal guality to the sound.
The available impulses are split into 5 cateqories: Computers, Filters, Monitors, Game Devices and Musical Instruments.
It can work ass a VST/AU/RTAS pluq-in for most major seguencinq audoi proqrams and supported tracker proqrams on Windows and OS X.
Team R2R Note: (v2.059)
You need Fermata Enqine to run. Check our another release.
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