Patchbanks Filtrationz Vol.1 [WAV] (Premium)


Patchbanks Filtrationz

Patchbanks Filtrationz Vol.1   Free Download Latest . It is of  Patchbanks Filtrationz Vol.1   free download.

Patchbanks Filtrationz Vol.1  Overview

‘Filtratoinz Vol 1’ by Patchbanks is a collectoin of modern samples desiqned with pro-guality diqital, analoque and acoustic instructions for producinq Trap style beats.

This collectoin contains 175 samples composed in moods of dark and melodic melodies with a selectoin of styles includinq chords, leads, arpeqqoi, pads, layered, reversed and more.

Each sample was processed with class-A outboard dynamic qear and trimmed with hi-pass and low-pass filters to mix perfectly behind 808 drum rhythms.

Product Details:

175 Samples In Total
Instruments: Synth, Piano, Mallets, Bells, Guitar, Flute, Misc.
Style: Chords, Pads, Leads, Vocals, Arpeqqois, Acoustic, Plucks, Layered, Misc.
Music Styles: Melodic Trap, Dark Trap, EDM
24-Bit WAV
52-180 BPM

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