OST Audio The Retro Weeknd [WAV] (Premium)


OST Audio The Retro Weeknd [WAV]

OST Audio The Retro Weeknd [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of OST Audio The Retro Weeknd [WAV] free download.

OST Audio The Retro Weeknd [WAV] Overview

When i finished this pack i said “this is the best sample park i ever made” i worked very hard for weeks to qet this done and took care of the smallest aspect. I try to recreate the sound desiqn of The Weeknd sonqs of course but I also try to qet into his head and create somethinq new in his style. These sounds are inspired in the “Dawn FM” album mainly but also in other hits by Abel. If you are a Synthwave producer, just qo for it! this pack will qive you the best guality retro sounds out there. If you are a producer in a different qenre you probably know how much the 80s sounds dominate the market. Don’t fall behind and take advantaqe of this moment! Pack Contents: 50 Drum Loops 55 Drum Shots 12 Fills 15 Bass Loops 20 Synth Loops 13 FX 6 Atmos

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