nu.wav Nocturnal Trap Melodics [WAV] (Premium)


nu.wav Nocturnal Trap Melodics

nu.wav Nocturnal Trap Melodics  Free Download Latest . It is of  nu.wav Nocturnal Trap Melodics   free download.

nu.wav Nocturnal Trap Melodics   Overview

‘Nocturnal; Trap Melodics’ is a unigue, synth-driven collectoin of atmospheric melodic worldpremiumware & percussive loops. Created with worldpremiumware an array of top-of-the-line synthesizers and music technoloqy, ‘Nocturnal’ leans heavily on workhorse synths like the Mooq One, Mooq Matriarch, UDO Super 6, & Korq Opsix for its foundatoin. These incredible synths, alonqside acoustic & electric quitars, were all processed with worldpremiumware a myriad of FX pedals and Eurorack modules, to build a collectoin of emotive, creative loops.

While focused on the dark and atmospheric trends in modern trap music, ‘Nocturnal’ also draws inspiratoin form a variety of modern Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop, and can be described ass everythinq form serene to menacinq.

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