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Nathan – Cool Professional Interior Photography

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What You’ll Learn

This self-paced, online video course takes an in-depth, yet easy to understand approach to learning professional interior real estate photography so that you can efficiently capture and create high quality images for property listings, designers, builders, architects, remodel companies, magazines, and stagers. This course will teach you the professional methods of using lights, composition, editing, and more so that you can stand out above the competition to get higher paying clients and gigs. Some of what’s covered in this course includes:

Lighting techniques and methods.
Light distribution for impactful image creation.
The Flambient method for flash and ambient lighting.
Window pulls to get picture-perfect views through windows.
Editing techniques using Lightroom Classic and Photoshop.
The full Flambient workflow from capture through editing.
Camera settings for conditions and situations.
Conquering white balance under mixed color temperature.
Flash compositing and power.
Efficient image capture for flambient blending and window pulls.
Composition geometry and rules.
Room-by-room compositions for various homes.
The best cameras and lenses for real estate photography.
Efficient color corrections.
Adding fireplace fire and TV screens to images.
Failsafe layer alignment.
Lights and lighting gear.
Other gear including tripods, heads, shutter triggers, flash triggers, and cases.
Focusing methods, techniques, and settings.
Optional footage like shower pops.
And other techniques for high-end work.

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