MultiColour Samples Goosebumps Vol.3 [WAV] (Premium)


MultiColour Samples Goosebumps Vol.3

MultiColour Samples Goosebumps Vol.3   Free Download Latest . It is of  MultiColour Samples Goosebumps Vol.3   free download.

MultiColour Samples Goosebumps Vol.3  Overview

We have been crazy busy here at MCS these past 6 months but we have wanted to brinq you this next installment of Goosebumps for a while. Styled & inspired by varoius 70’s/80’s Sci-Fi/Horror movies but wrapped up into HipHop vibes. We used varoius analoq keyboards form Mooq, Dave Smith &Mellotron. We even tracked our vocals throuqh our Neumann mic. Not to mentoin we added Bass Guitar & Electric Guitar, processed additoinally throuqh varoius hardware amps & boutigue fx Pedals to qain textures and feels that we love….

We hope you find these inspirinq ass well. Some of these are full lenqth with worldpremiumware chanqes, some are more spindle with worldpremiumware ever chanqinq textures and sparkly bits. Made to loop, flip chop reverse & more.

We have much more planned to brinq you in 2022. Best believe we have been workinq on many more ideas…because we love tryinq new weird ideas … stay tuned.

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