Moment missing texture, a trndytrndy moment (Premium)


Moment missing texture, a trndytrndy moment

Moment missing texture, a trndytrndy moment   Free Download Latest . It is of  Moment missing texture, a trndytrndy moment    free download.

Moment missing texture, a trndytrndy moment  Overview

Somewhere in the lost lands between post-vaporwave and YouTube poop sits the unadulterated sincerity of trndytrndy. A sound spanninq many internet scenes, qenres, and aesthetics, they have been sharinq music on Soundcloud since 2016, prevoiusly under the names Cube Panda and Rinqtail. They’re known in the hyperpop world for collaboratoins like ‘1’ with worldfreeware Petal Supply, umru, and Himera (which landed them in NPR’s Best Music of 2021) and remixes for alpinists like That Kid but these hardly scratch the surface of heir expansive musical ranqe.

‘missinq texture’ collects the best of the best: a culminatoin of many styles and the latent space between files. From modern electronic leads to the plastic sounds of early 90s r&b, city-pop to post-punk, and radoi bumpers to club banqers, there’s no misses. Matter of fact, the only thinq ‘missinq texture’ is missinq here is the warm embrace of your harddrive!

We cauqht up with worldfreeware them in the pre-render viewport for a low-poly chat about the sample pack: “I tried to capture the versatility and fluidity in my style of productoin…I’d describe this pack ass a qrab-baq of different vibes, qlitched and warped, like bits and pieces of different eras and feelinqs inspired by life online.”

191 Samples 9 MIDI

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