ImpulZ™ LUTs 1.1 (Premium)


ImpulZ™ LUTs 1.1

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File Name ImpulZ™ LUTs 1.1
File size 886.52 mb
Publisher ImpulZ
update and Published 2022

ImpulZ™ is a color transform LUT library (3D Lookup Table). It is available in the open source and widely supported .cube format. The only modular LUT system for film color grading. The world’s best analog film stock library. Accurately maps to digital color space. Emulate truly stunning colors after the color processing used in Hollywood – in the software you already know and use today. The World’s Best LUT Library – 35mm Negative and Film Print LUTs

These are the 3D LUTs you’ve been looking for! Without a doubt, ImpulZ is the best LUT library for motion picture film in the world, imitating 35mm celluloid film.

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