Heavyocity Mosaic Bass KONTAKT (Premium)


Heavyocity Mosaic Bass KONTAKT

Heavyocity Mosaic Bass KONTAKT  Free Download Latest . It is of  Heavyocity Mosaic Bass KONTAKT free download.

Heavyocity Mosaic Bass KONTAKT Overview

The Mosaic Series was conceived to keep composers creative: Each instrument features a unique set of foundational elements, designed to be combined and layered into lush, cinematic textures. Mosaic Bass is a re-envisioning of synth bass, empowering you to create a dynamic low-end foundation from a palette of inspiring sources.

Re-envisioning Bass

Combining growling sampled synths with vibrant organic attacks, Mosaic Bass reimagines what the lower register is capable of. Build your next project from the bottom up, with over 110 different sources, and infinite combinations, pushing synth bass forward into a complex, modern musical tool.

Mosaic Engine

Mosaic Keys does offer a truly dynamic set of electric keys content, but the real power of the instrument comes in the thrilling combinations created by layering these sources across the Mosaic Engine’s three channels. Rhythmic, lyrical, sparse, emotional, dynamic. The possibilities are truly endless — especially considering Mosaic Bass contains almost 200 carefully-crafted Snapshots to get you started.

Synth Bass + Organic Attacks + Noise Layers create dynamic low-end textures.
A palette of Inspiring Sources designed for Unique Customization.
Includes almost 200 Snapshot Presets.
3.04 GB uncompressed (2.34 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
110 Different Sources (1,094 Samples)
35 Synths
10 Subs
35 Drones
10 Noise Layers
20 Attack Layers
Intuitive Sample Browser
ARP for building complex, rhythmic arpeggios
MACRO knob for dynamic multi-parameter control
Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
System Requirements
Powered by the Kontakt 6.22 Engine
Kontakt 6.22 (Player) or later

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