G-Presets – PACK 05 MASTER (Premium)


G-Presets – PACK 05 MASTER

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File Name G-Presets – PACK 05 MASTER
Source https://www.gpresets.com/product/pack-05-master/
File size 76 KB
Publisher  G-Presets
update and Published 2023

Being a photographer means knowing you’ll never take the same photo twice. This all-encompassing preset pack—and my most robust and comprehensive offering to date—is my answer to every lighting challenge I’ve encountered along the way. From unforgiving harshness to underwhelming indoor dim, the solution is here. Even the shamelessly offensive direct flash doesn’t stand a chance. I’ve spent countless hours creating tones that are as diverse as they are easy to work with and everything in this Master Pack has been included to give you effortless editing and gorgeous one-click solutions.

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