FlippedNormals – Introduction To Anatomy (Premium)


FlippedNormals – Introduction To Anatomy

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File Name FlippedNormals – Introduction To Anatomy
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Publisher flippednormals
update and Published 2023


Welcome to Introduction to Anatomy! In this tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know about anatomy as an artist, so you can create your own characters with confidence. We’re taking the complicated topic of anatomy and breaking it down into simple terms – finally making it accessible to everyone regardless of skill level and previous experience.

In Introduction to Anatomy we’re covering all the core building blocks of the human body and learning to create life-like characters. But this tutorial isn’t just a wiki on muscles and bones – it’s a journey to understanding the fundamental anatomy that makes us all unique. Discover the key elements of bones, muscles, fat, and skin, and how to use them to create believable and captivating characters.

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