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Film Booth – The Avatar Workshop

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This in depth workshop will teach you how to build profiles of your viewers so that you are better equipped to produce more appealing content.

Why Understanding Humans Matters

The idea of growth on YouTube is simple. All you need to do is make videos people click on and watch. But one video viewed isn’t enough – for real growth you need to create content so irresistible your viewers watch ten videos in a row and then keep coming back to your new releases, time after time. Thats when the real growth happens.

But it’s also where most channels fall down because they never take the time to try and understand what their ideal viewers are really interested in on a psychological level. This leads to poor click through rates, and then when that all important click does come, they can’t hold the viewers attention. This workshop will help Educational YouTubers analyse viewers on a deeper level and will teach them how to take that information and use it to come up with more interesting video ideas and content that keep viewers coming back to a channel.

This Workshop Is For:

Make videos that teach people something/anything
Feel like they have good content but poor results
Want more views on new releases
Are willing to put in time and effort to the tasks set
Want to get more suggested views
Want to build a strong foundation to grow on

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