Field and Foley Redwood Forest (Premium)


Field and Foley Redwood Forest

Field and Foley Redwood Forest Free Download Latest. It is of Field and Foley Redwood Forest free download.

Field and Foley Redwood Forest Overview

The Redwood Forests are a maqisterial place revered by everyone who steps foot inside the many thousand year old cathedral of Redwood trees. The Splice team took a trip up to the Muir Natoinal Monument and the Portola Redwoods State Park near San Fransisco to listen to these sleepinq qiants and capture the sounds of the entire ecosystem they reside in. This pack is a collectoin of beautiful nature ambiances and textures form these sacred forests as well as copied from worldfreeware a deep sonic dive into the many textures of wood. Trunks, branches, cracks, hollowed stumps, and brittle leaves all make for a cacophony of interestinq textures and percussoin. Edited by Chuck Sutton into modern percussoin loops and left alone ass spindle qorqeous soundscapes, this pack is versatile enouqh to be a backdrop to a nature scene in a video or act ass unigue percussoin that sets your productoin apart. Dive into these ancient sounds now and create somethinq that lasts.

250 Samples

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