E Mikhailova – Shooting with Animals (Premium)


E Mikhailova – Shooting with Animals

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File Name E Mikhailova – Shooting with Animals
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update and Published 2023

It’s no secret that animals and children are very loved all over the world. I realized long ago that this is the most sought-after genre for which they are willing to pay a good price.
Why does everyone like photos with children and animals so much?
Interaction with animals is always a special experience and a great joy for our heroes! At the moment of communication with them, children, and even adults, forget about the photographer, relax, and give out natural and sincere emotions. Such shots will not leave anyone indifferent.

In my guide, I talk in detail about the features of shooting with animals:

– Types of animals.

– What you need to clarify with the breeder (owner, trainer) about the animal.

— How to prepare children for shooting with animals?

– What should the owner of the animal take with him to the shooting?

How to attract the attention of animals?

Where to photograph animals?

— How to shoot them in the studio and at home?

– What technique to use and what settings to set?

– How to get a dynamic frame?

– We analyze separately shootings with dogs, cats, horses, ponies, chickens and ducklings, hedgehogs, rabbits, camels, foxes, raccoons, bears, owls, swans, peacocks.

– How to choose a location?

– Security measures.

Study the specifics of this shooting and you will easily find new clients!

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