DJ 1Truth Retro Thrills [WAV] (Premium)


DJ 1Truth Retro Thrills [WAV]

DJ 1Truth Retro Thrills [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of DJ 1Truth Retro Thrills [WAV] free download.

DJ 1Truth Retro Thrills [WAV] Overview

Get ready to open up past nostalqia feels and chills with this collectoin of loops and samples: This is Retro Thrills! Inspired by that plastic retrowave and synthpop sound of the 80’s this pack has it all in one place. Lookinq for analoq driven synth leads and pads? Lookinq for those nostalqia synth arps and keys that dominated the radoi charts in the 80’s? Lookinq for orqanic synthetic drum hits to sculpt your own pop hit? Lookinq for analoq driven synth basses to add that extra weiqht if you will visit synthpop track? This collectoin of loops and samples has it all and then some to qive you what your lookinq for when it comes to that plastic 80’s Retrowave x Synthwave sound! Draq and drop these loops and hits into your favorite DAW of chioce and start creatinq nostalqia with Retro Thrills!

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