Creator Now – Hayden Hillier-Smith Editing Bootcamp (Premium)


Creator Now – Hayden Hillier-Smith Editing Bootcamp

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Join Hayden Hillier-Smith — editor for huge creators like MrBeast and Logan Paul — for a four-week boot camp to take your editing abilities to the next level. Unlock 30 pre-recorded video lessons and live workshops with Hayden multiple times per week. Learn how to showcase your artistic skill while still editing for retention and audience satisfaction. Understand how to envision a cut before you begin and craft truly great stories frame by frame.

What you will get:

Learn from a YouTube editing pioneer: Discover the frameworks he’s used to be known as a “secret weapon” for channel success; driving billions of views for YouTube’s top creators.
Enhance your editing and storytelling skills: Regardless of your level of experience, this boot camp will help sharpen your writing skills to make edits that retain and satisfy your audience.
Collaborate with other creators: Exchange insights with a community of creators to help optimize your videos to be the best they can be. ‍This boot camp is for editors AND creators!
What you’ll learn

Learn the formulas Hayden has used to become known as a “secret-weapon” for channel success.

To edit like a storyteller: Hayden will show you how to think more like a writer and develop a story game plan before you begin the cut.
To apply tested story frameworks on YouTube: Hayden will show you how to leverage the best lessons from traditional media and update + modernize them to improve the stories you tell on YouTube.
To edit for retention and audience satisfaction: Hayden will show you how to not “over edit” for retention, but instead make videos that stir hearts and minds, that perform well, and that you can be proud of.
To keep artistic integrity, even when working with big clients: Hayden will talk about how he works with big YouTubers and stays passionate, committed, and motivated, even when the feedback they give is mind-numbing.
To craft truly great stories frame by frame: Hayden will walk you through his process for approaching any footage dump, and how you can find a good story in almost anything.
Meet the host

Hayden Hillier-Smith is an industry leader in online video editing. He is often considered a “secret weapon” of the biggest channels in the world and currently holds the 2020 Streamy Award for best editing. His roster of clients includes Logan Paul, Sam & Colby, Alex Wassabi, and many more.

Hayden takes passion in his craft and has been working on the curriculum of this boot camp for over two years. Structuring all of the knowledge that he’s amassed into a lesson plan that is easy to digest.

Is the course completed?

Ans: Right now the course is at level 3 and I am waiting for the creator to publish new videos. As soon as they are available, I will upload them to Google Drive on the same day.

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Level 1 To 4 With Bootcamp

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Part 2

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