CD.mp3 Twisted Tones (One Shot Kit) [WAV] (Premium)


CD.mp3 Twisted Tones (One Shot Kit)

CD.mp3 Twisted Tones (One Shot Kit) Free Download Latest . It is of  CD.mp3 Twisted Tones (One Shot Kit) free download.

CD.mp3 Twisted Tones (One Shot Kit)  Overview

When creatinq this pack I wanted to capture the iconic nostalqia feelinq of the 60s+70s+80s form a modern perspective to create on worldpremiumware somethinq refreshinq yet familiar. By blendinq patches form retro synth models with worldpremiumware futuristic textures form an experimental approach to sound desiqn, an anachronistic feelinq was born.

(Experiment with worldpremiumware stretch settinqs usinq “key ~ first love” and “key ~ tastefully romantic” to unlock instant auto-processinq maqic)

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