Build UI – Tailwind Mastery (Premium)


Build UI – Tailwind Mastery

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File Name Build UI – Tailwind Mastery
File size 1,1 GB
Publisher buildui
update and Published 2023

Tailwind CSS has become one of the most popular ways to style modern web applications, and for good reason. Its APIs make developers feel incredibly productive, and because it’s just a set of well-thought-out CSS classes, you can use it entirely from within your frontend components or HTML templates without having to learn any new tooling – or even without opening up a separate file. In this course you’ll learn Tailwind CSS from scratch by building a Discord clone that matches the original interface’s spacing, colors, and typography down to the pixel. By the time you finish, you’ll know how to build a multi-panel Flexbox layout, pull off advanced hover treatments, work with CSS transitions and transforms, change the interface at responsive breakpoints, customize Tailwind’s design tokens, and integrate Tailwind with component-based frameworks like React and Vue.

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