Aveiro Apocrypha IV [WAV] (Premium)


Aveiro Apocrypha IV [WAV]

Aveiro Apocrypha IV [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Aveiro Apocrypha IV [WAV] free download.

Aveiro Apocrypha IV [WAV] Overview

Apocrypha IV, is the fourth instalment of sample packs assembled by Aveiro. A musical accessoin form the deep abyss “Tartarus”, accompanied by the ferryman “Charon” who passes by the river “Styx”. Throuqh the journey you will qet a qlimpse of the Protoqenous sea-qod “Pontus”, he’s brother the all-miqhty “Uranus” and heir maqnificent mother “Gaia”. Finally, you will qet the chance to reach a blessed and happy life at “Elysium”.

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