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August Bradley – Notion Course

August Bradley – Notion Course  Free Download Latest . It is of  August Bradley – Notion Course   free download.

August Bradley – Notion Course Overview

Atiny exceptional percentage of people wake up excited about each new day — their lives organized, leveraged, and advancing consistently in the directions they’ve thoughtfully chosen. New opportunities open up as they hit each milestone. When you’re in this zone, things just seem to happen. But it’s not by chance.

Are you where you want to be in life…

With work?
Health? Family?
Mental Clarity?
Has nothing worked after…

Reading everything?
Watching everything?
Trying everything?
Are you ready to…

Cut the bullshit?
Get serious?
Work hard?
Go big?
This is not a typical course

I’ve never been this excited about releasing a major creation. It’s the most satisfying and personally inspiring thing I’ve ever worked on — a living, breathing life-enhancing ecosystem. I see it as an Olympic-caliber training facility for productivity, self-discovery, knowledge management, and persistent progress toward goals, meaning, and purpose in life. In part this is the full training for the PPV life operating system — the Notion Life OS that’s generated a remarkable following with an unparalleled level of use. It has changed a lot of lives. But it’s more than Notion, it is a full 12 month Life Design program. Lasting life change cannot be crammed into a 4 or 5 week window (believe me, I’ve tried!).

It takes time to identify patterns, break bad habits, implement new growth feedback loops, and… shape yourself. The Notion Life Design program provides training & support for real, deep, lasting life change. We massively leverage Notion, like few have ever seen. But also implement Systems Thinking, Habit formation & elimination, Mindset, Identity Sculpting, Flow States, Purpose + more. And we will continue to build on the initial foundation throughout the year. You will be joining a perpetually updating content center, an interactive live event series, a growth-minded community, and an ever-expanding personal empowerment studio.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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