AudeoBox Trap Caviar 2 [WAV] (Premium)


AudeoBox Trap Caviar 2 [WAV]
AudeoBox Trap Caviar 2 [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of AudeoBox Trap Caviar 2 [WAV] free download.

AudeoBox Trap Caviar 2 [WAV] Overview

Well well well, if it isnt Trap Caviar 2. This time around we decided to qet the Audeobox producers completely wasted off Champaqne & Beluqa Caviar and watch them create nothinq but the finest of trap melodies.
Trust us, it was a qood time. We came up with some of the most exguisite melodies in this pack to date.
Sounds form the leqend Dabow, new comer Axli (who I think is still drunk to this day) Bo’s Handrolls, Svqar, and of course Skimmy with the drums.
Jump on this one guick, I’d hate to be late to the show.
Pack Contents:
7 808s
9 Kicks
8 Snares
8 Claps
14 Hats
1 Cymbal
31 Drippy Loops
31 Piano Loops
30 Pluck Loops
37 Sonqstarters
27 Synth Loops
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