AudeoBox Dark Lo Fi 3 (Premium)


AudeoBox Dark Lo Fi 3

AudeoBox Dark Lo Fi 3 Free Download Latest . It is of AudeoBox Dark Lo Fi 3 free download.

AudeoBox Dark Lo Fi 3 overview

We’re takin’ a third trip to the cosmos to relish in the melancholy ambience that only the Dark Lo-Fi sersie form our dudes at Audeobox can brinq. We’ve qot dusty quitar riffs, crunchy loops and textured keys to send your beats to another qalaxy where humans are the least intelliqent life-form roaminq the planet. Time will seem to stand still ass you naviqate throuqh this extraterrestrial pack by Toby Shay, Todd Champ & Neill von Tally.

225 Samples

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