AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol.5 [ADG] (Premium)


AHEE's Magic Ableton Racks Vol.5

AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol.5 Free Download Latest . It is of  AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol.5  free download.

AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol.5 Overview


Requires Ableton Suite 11.0.12 or higher

Watch the Demo here: https://youtu.be/h79-I_uPOQw

AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol 5 includes 21 Ableton Racks with 282 Macro Presets that help you experiment and discover new unique sounds quickly and easily.


AHEE’s Metal Tonality (20) – Adds Metal Texture to any sound! Control the different source samples and repitch for amazing layering! 20 Macro Presets

AHEE’s Ultra Chorus (30) – Combines the Chorus from Ableton 10 & 11 to do insane new sounds!

AHEE’s Ultra Disperser (15) – Like the infamous Disperser, but all within Ableton with some dope extra features that push the effect further and 15 diverse presets for fast discovery! The new SPLIT presets cut frequencies in a specific range with an interesting sound quality.

AHEE’s Rise, Fall, & Flutter (10) – Easily create risers, falls, and other fx transitions by automating one of the 10 macros in this rack.

AHEE’s Wash, Fade, & Echo (10) Easily create washes, fades and echo fx transitions by automating one of the 10 macros in this rack.

AHEE’s Bass Cream Flavors (20) – Put this on sine, saw, and other wavetables for gnarly bass! Combine this with “AHEE’s Ultra Chorus” for Neuro Bass insanity! 20 Presets

AHEE’s Vocal Clarity (10) – Toss this on vocals for a quick pleasant fx chain. Choose from 10 Presets to fit your vocal’s mood.

AHEE’s Hyper Vocal Box (10) – Toss this on vocals you want to give more energy. 10 Presets to choose from.

AHEE’s Magic Pad Maker (15) – Toss this on melodic content and adjust the level to create beautiful pads out of anything! The 15 presets create different patterns and include some cool Atonal Drone settings as well!

AHEE’s Spectral Blur (20) – Blur the lines of possibility and give new texture to your sounds with these 20 amazing presets! Absolutely unique sounds, gotta listen to understand!

AHEE’s Love Bubbles (15) – Add Zips, Zaps, Bubbles, & unique delays to your sounds for extra alien texture.

AHEE’s Magic Artifacts (20) – Add robotic and industrial texture to your sound with these 20 presets!

AHEE’s Flavors Of Tube Compression (10) – Really great for adding tube texture to get your drums sounding unique!

AHEE’s Flavors Of FX (15) – Powerful rack that will make your sound feel like it’s being played back in different environments like under the ocean or up in space!

AHEE’s Flavors Of Distortion (10) – Absolutely smash your sound and discover different distortion aesthetics.

AHEE’s Magic Vibrato (12) – Finally a classic Vibrato in Ableton!

AHEE’s Magic Tremolo (12) – Finally a simple Tremolo in Ableton!

AHEE’s Subtle Squish (10) – When you want to explore a few flavors of compression without over doing it.

AHEE’s Super Squish (8) – When you want to explore a few flavors of Extreme Over The Top compression!

AHEE’s Death Pedal (10) – Wall of Deadly Distortion, be careful with this!

AHEE’s Tilt EQ – Classic Tilt EQ, now in ableton, allows you to tilt the entire frequency spectrum warmer or brighter with a single knob.

Demo Video Here: https://youtu.be/h79-I_uPOQw

Buying this will automatically invite you to AHEE’s Discord where you can connect with other producers in the community.

Also includes an Ableton file to properly load in AHEE’s Metal Tonality. Instructions on how to install:

How To Install AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol 5:

Drop them into your Ableton Library Folder at this Location: User/Music/Ableton/User Library/Presets/Audio Effects/Audio Effect Rack


Just Drag & Drop all these into an Ableton project and then save them individually by clicking the floppy disk/save icon in the top right of rack.

Thanks so much for your support! Tag us on your socials showing what you do with the racks, we’d love to see!
Instagram: @iamahee
Twitter: @officialahee

*Ableton 11.0.12 or higher required


To Install AHEE’s Metal Tonality, please open the provided ableton project and save the rack from within there by clicking the save icon in the top right of rack. This rack contains samples that require you to save from within ableton in order to work!

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